The Key Ingredients

I’m also a member! When I was a kid there were commercials on TV about “The Hair Club For Men,” and the man in the ad would say - “Not only am I the founder of The Hair Club For Men, I’m also a member!” (as he stood there with his very thick head of hair.) I guess it was good advertising because I still remember it to this day! Well, not only am I the founder of Namaste, I am also a member. My life is a laboratory for the work we do in helping busy people take care of their bodies, minds and live healthier lives. With three kids and a full-time labor of love (Namaste) - finding time for my own self-care and making sure my husband and our kids are in good shape, body, heart, and mind, is no small task. Namaste is built on four pillars of self-care - Movement, Stillness, Touch, and Nourishment. The idea is that these are the ingredients for well being. We all have our own versions of what these pillars actually look like, but I know that when I miss one of these ingredients for more than a week or two - I really feel it. For example, here’s a simple version of my personal Namaste Self-Care Plan:

  • Movement - Weekday yoga and walking, plus weekend personal training.

  • Stillness - Daily meditation and a relaxing bath at least 1x week.

  • Touch - Twice a month massage or Thai bodywork, morning hugs for everyone in my family, and cuddles at bedtime.

  • Nourishment - Tons of veggies, fruits, dark chocolate, and fish - no sugar, dairy or grains. Podcasts, audiobooks, and essential oils.

My kids have plans too based on who they are, what they need, and what they enjoy. Now is a perfect time to figure out what you need in the year ahead. It would be my honor and my joy to help you create a plan for 2019 that is right for YOU and/or anyone in your family. Or maybe you have a friend or loved one that could use some help in this category - in which case, Namaste is an amazing gift. :) Reply to me directly and we will find a time to talk. With much love from my lab to yours……

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