Why Are You Okay With Not Being Okay?

While the whole “New Year, New You” idea always feels a bit trite to me, what I do know is that there is great power in “together action.” When the collective energy and people around us are inspired to make a change, we can tap into this power to REFRESH, REBOOT, REFINE and RE-ENGAGE in things that serve our own highest and best selves. It’s easier to actualize our own potential when those around us are working on actualizing theirs. Each moment, hour, day, week, month and year we have a choice. It’s easy to forget that we can change gears, switch it up and live differently - but our moment-to-moment experience is ours for the making. Living our lives like we are creating a work of art is a gift. At Namaste we are obsessed with this art of living and helping you live yours. In 2019 it’s time to be DONE with not being okay (stressed, tired, tight, fat, etc….). It’s time to retire the patterns that keep us stuck, and create new patterns. We can leverage the power of the collective new year energy and bushwack a healthier trail for our journey with simple, consistent routines that are proven to cultivate health and happiness. These routines incorporate movement (exercise, stretching, activity), stillness (meditation, relaxation, reflection), touch (massage, bodywork, intimacy) and nourishment (food, art, family). At Namaste we call these the Four Pillars of Self Care - the ingredients behind the work of art that is you. I would be honored to guide you, support you and deliver what you need in order to seize the new year momentum and make it happen. Happy, Healthy New Year to You and Yours!

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