Meet: T'ai H., MS, LMT, ERYT, Namaste Massage & Bodywork Therapist

Meet: T'ai H., one of our exceptional Massage & Bodywork Therapists and Wellness Pro Spotlight for the week!

T'ai first learned intuitive touch from her parents, both Doctors of Oriental Medicine and at a young age, discovered herself the strength of Reflexology and Reiki. She was born with a unique intuitive and instinctual touch and has now made it her mission to share and spread love and kindness through this connection.

Based in NYC, T'ai teaches one-to-one, honing in on her student-teacher relationship (so when we say our Namaste Pros KNOW you, they really do!), guided by yoga therapy as a pathway for self healing and energetic evolution. She integrates Reflections Yoga, Anya Method, Movement Therapy, Breathwork, Thai Yoga Massage, and Yoga Nidra in all of her offerings.

Namaste: How long have you been with Namaste?

T'ai: Since 2013.

Namaste: What inspired you to pursue a career in health and wellness?

T'ai: In 1996 Yoga saved my life and continues to show up like a faithful friend, a wise teacher guiding me back to myself. In 2006, I changed my career, my path and began devoting myself to my health and supporting others on their path towards harmony and balance.

Namaste: How do you stay motivated when it comes to fitness & wellness?

T'ai: Having a good teacher makes all the difference. Remaining open to all modalities and being curious makes it like a fun puzzle rather than something I have to check off. It is good to remember how I feel when I am taking care of myself.

Namaste: What has been your proudest moment of your career?

T'ai: The proudest moment(s) are the small 'a ha!' moments that I share with a student when the practice reveals itself to them or when someone during a massage takes a real conscious deep breath. My proudest moments are when I realize that my students are my teachers and together we are witnessing, participating and celebrating miracles together.

Namaste: What is your favorite self-care routine?

T'ai: Dry brushing. Salt & essential oil baths with a glass of red wine. Rolling around on therapy balls. Playing with my cats. Yoga Nidra!

Namaste: How do you unplug and find balance each day?

T'ai: I put my feet up against the wall. I check in with my thoughts, my breath, my heartbeat. I read inspiring quotes or write down my thoughts. I meditate.

Namaste: What does the term 'Namaste' mean to you?

T'ai: Oh Namaste! This small but powerful gesture. A reverent bow. A greeting and salutation. When I was India, I realized this could really mean 'What’s up?' 'Hey, how you doing?' :) It felt like a reflection of a deep essence that was true for me. It is the acknowledgment of our oneness. It is the connection between the inner (heart) and outer (hands) and then layer in the lips to fingertips. There is a circular experience from thoughts, to expression, to heart, to what we give and receive through our connectedness.

Namaste: What’s your advice to clients who know they need to start a fitness & wellness routine, but don’t know where to start?

T'ai: I would ask them what their goals were, what types of activity bring them joy, when they are the most energetic, and if they are open to taking small, but committed steps towards those goals. I would ask them to imagine they were their own best friend or a very wise teacher coming to them for accountability and support. I would encourage them to seek well-trained and compassionate pros in the modalities that might serve them the best.

Namaste: How does Massage & Bodywork play a part in someone’s overall fitness & wellness plan?

T'ai: As a Therapeutic Teacher and a Practitioner in Yoga, Thai Massage, Curriculum Aum, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Massage, and Meditation, my approach is Integral Healing Arts: a personally designed approach to experience wholeness, vitality and balance.

Namaste: What's an intention you've set for 2019?

T'ai: My intention this year is to learn the harmonium. Also dance once a month, smile to strangers, greet people with hugs, and spread love light and laughter wherever I go.

In our digital world, physical TOUCH is an essential self-care ingredient. Whether it’s to balance a rigorous fitness routine, de-stress or manage pain - Namaste’s Massage Therapy and Thai Bodywork are game-changers for body and mind when done consistently. As always, we assist YOU in finding YOUR wellness & fitness balance. To book a session with T'ai click here. To learn more about our New Massage & Bodywork Bundles click here!

New to Namaste? Your initial Discovery Call to discuss your needs and intentions is always complimentary.

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