Desert infused stillness


I recently spent some time in the desert, and it reminded me of the importance of unplugging and connecting with our outer and inner landscape.

I've always felt that it’s vital to build in ways to cleanse and nourish ourselves mentally and emotionally. Regularly. If not daily. I don’t believe that we should “live” for our vacations, but live for each day. When we take the time to check-in and reset mentally and emotionally our holidays provide the opportunity for a deep dive into this reflective and restorative space, further enhancing our day to day practice.

At Namaste we believe in the importance of the art of living, and that restorative, reflective and cleansing practices can (and should) be a part of our daily routines. Meditation, sleep, restorative yoga, and energy work are all ways that we can ground, center and refresh. Unplugging from technology supports our ability to make space for these practices, caring for our mind just as we do our body.

My evening routine is self Reiki, gratitude and 10 pm ish bedtime, and my morning begins with meditation (and movement). I add in journaling, affirmations and restorative yoga as well. I support myself with my own teachers and coaches, as it takes a village and we are not meant to be on this journey in a vacuum. Continuing to learn and grow at every stage along the way is key to staying committed, engaged and illuminated by the work.


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