Lighting Up Lives

How amazing is the name of this event - Light Up A Life? Today, Namaste is donating our time and team to promote mindfulness and yoga for kids at this fun fundraiser for New York Presbyterian Pediatrics Dept. We love doing this.

New York Presbyterian is where I started my career as a social worker, began to understand the healthcare system and was inspired to deeply explore wellness and preventative care. It was one of the seeds that started Namaste. Today I serve on the Children’s Advisory Council, we donate massage services to parents on mothers and fathers day as well as offer discounted services to patients. We also collaborate with the hospital around continued support of employee wellbeing.

Partnering and working with healthcare companies is at the core of our mission. Together, we work with individuals who are navigating a wide range of medical challenges, and we support them by creating integrative, evidence-based wellness programs centered around powerful wellness practices.

If you or someone you know is looking for additional methods to treat chronic disease, pain, anxiety, weight management, etc. Namaste is here to help light the way.

Onward with love...

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