Movement is a gift

My morning movement practice is the backbone of my day. When my alarm goes off at 5 or 5.30 am, the first thought that comes to mind is - if I move this morning I will feel strong and centered in my day - if I press snooze, well, I will feel kinda yuck. I don’t think about things like longevity, my health, etc. Instead, I focus on the immediate rewards of movement - I will feel better in my own skin. Movement is a gift and who am I not to graciously accept this offering.

I have learned via my own experience and almost 20 years of working with bodies, minds, and hearts that the key to injury-free physical joy and fitness is a varied, balanced routine. We can be creatures of habit, and sometimes creatures of habit get stuck in grooves, and if those grooves are not optimal, we find ourselves in repetitive stress land which is the fast boat to injury. Injury and stagnation go hand in hand. Stagnation is the enemy of movement.

Varied routines are part of our recipe for wellness at Namaste. We believe a personal training session can be combined with yoga, pilates, dance, meditation. In one hour you can touch on the range of energy’s that will serve your body and mind most. You don’t have to choose - cardio can combine with strength, yoga with intervals, energy work with massage.

For me, it’s about my elliptical x podcasts + yoga + meditation on any given morning. It’s a personal training session mixed with pilates (which I did not do enough of post-partum!) or a high-intensity dance class that finishes with a few minutes of restorative yoga and meditation. It's walking with friends on the weekends, and “walk and talk” work meetings in central park as often as possible. The idea is high intensity, recovery, reflection, outside, inside, fun, hard, mellow, big movements, small movement, strong, supple. When we mix the ingredients up we start to find embodiment - living, thriving, feeling in our skin.

Wanna move? Let’s blend up the perfect movement cocktail for you this spring.

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