Pre-natal intuition

My own wellness journey intricately connects to my path as a mom - and different stages have called for very different routines and rituals. Developing the ability to listen to our bodies, and to lovingly honor the space we are in is essential. This foreshadows and informs how we navigate motherhood, and sets the tone for compassionate self-care along the journey ahead.

I have three children who are now 14, 12, and 9. For me - my first pregnancy inspired green juices and rigorous yoga, while my second pregnancy called for restorative yoga and gentle massage. My third, well, by then I had some vascular issues, so my yoga practice was built to address that specifically, and my meditation practice required a lot of attention as I was in the eye of the storm in terms of early-stage motherhood and searching for work/life balance.

My story is not unique. Mothers know to listen to their intuition and act accordingly. And during pregnancy we intuit for two. Regardless of where you are and what you need along the way, we are here to meet you there.

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