Selfcare in the Time of COVID-19

Every morning I wake up and ask myself one question - Fear or Love? I learned this practice from a good friend. Sometimes it’s hard, especially when I am scared.

My life’s work at Namaste New York has been focused on how to support people in building healthy habits and self-care routines to navigate stress and optimize health, happiness, and wellbeing. Our business was born out of 9/11, because New Yorkers (and the world) woke up to the fact that wellness practices were essential to navigating challenging times, healing from trauma, and living a fulfilling life. There was a tremendous amount of fear and people had a choice - go with fear, let it rule - OR invest in healing, strengthening and love.

Fear is contagious and lethal to our society. Our collective positive power starts with us, with our self-care practices that work with mind and body, and can turn us into a force of love and strength - for our community, our children, our colleagues, and the world. This mindset is more contagious than COVID-19 (as long as we are mindfully washing our hands and mindfully not touching our faces - totally doable.) Stay focused on mental, physical and spiritual health and know that your immune system will be much better off as a result.

As I learned post 9/11 and from working with people navigating disease and high levels of stress for over 20 years, pain and vulnerability can lead to incredible growth. This is a growth opportunity we may wish we didn’t have to embrace, but we have no choice. Out of 9/11 the most unlikely people came to Namaste New York in search of practices such as meditation, wellness coaching, breathwork and more.

As veterans in the space and with our extraordinary team of lightworkers, Namaste is here to be part of the solution. Our team is scrubbed and ready to come to your home to deliver support, guidance, and inspiration. Our Virtual Wellness Sessions for Private Clients and Corporations are life-changing. Please text us now to learn more about how we can support you, this is our purpose and together we are here to heal. TEXT: 919-626-2783

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