Share the Namaste

My heart exploded last weekend spending time with my nearest and dearest in Marin County. My takeaway reminder was this: A life well lived is all about love and sharing moments with humans in our world that open us up, and fill us up. And, when we are open and full, we tend to look up :)

We become ripe for those people and moments when we take care of our bodies and minds so we are awake enough to see what’s real and true. At Namaste we believe in four pillars of wellness - movement, stillness, touch and nourishment. Using these ingredients as a framework for self care helps us cultivate the most fertile soil to live our healthiest, happiest life.

When we share these practices with our friends we inspire a ripple effect. First, greater well being abounds. Next comes greater receptivity to love and connection. Love and Connection nourishes us and enables us to give, to serve and to repair this world moment by moment.

So what’s the bottom line? Share Namaste any way you can - refer a friend, invite a partner - let’s get this party started. If your friend books a session we will say thank you to you with a complimentary session of your choice - because what goes around, comes around.

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