This Summer, Remember to Practice

Longer, warmer and sunnier days feel like a gift, along with relaxed schedules, long and spacious evenings perfect for night swimming and leading the way to sound sleep. Summer has such a romantic feeling. There are times when we feel that summer glow from the inside out, and there are also times when our inner landscape doesn’t match the blooming flowers and glistening sea. We feel yuck - physically, emotionally, or both. This can be the funkiest kind of discomfort - when we feel out of alignment with the world around us which is seemingly all sunshine and rainbows.

Here’s the thing - the sunshine and rainbows are real, and the other half of those things are darkness and rain, also very real. Making space for the full scope of reality, every day of the year supports us in finding compassion and acceptance right where we are.

Practice helps. Movement practice, stillness practice, touch, and nourishment. When we exercise, meditate, squeeze the people we love and feed our bodies with intention, we have an anchor to hold on to. Whether we are in a good place or not, focusing on deliberately taking those actions is key. These practices create fertile soil for a healthier, happier life and more loving awareness, inside and out. Feelings follow actions, which is why we can’t wait to be in the mood. We need a framework and support system to make it happen.

At the beach, in the country, in the city.

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